Challenge Accepted

Be careful, blogging is really addictive

It was with these words that I was greeted by @MrsBardonMaths this morning.  It turns out that she might be right as one day later here I am again! 

My main inspiration for setting up this blog was a recent post by @annebradshaw88 (you can read it here, it is really very good:  in which Anne stated that she was going to try a new teaching idea every day for the next 100 days based on the recent 100 ideas book by @teachertoolkit.  Anne has challenged myself and a couple of others to do the same, so this post is my way of saying “challenge accepted”! 

I’m going to do things slightly differently and aim to try 5 new ideas every week for 20 weeks, (starting next week after exam season is over) rather than trying one every day, and I’m going to use this blog as a way of documenting what happens.  As with Anne, I’ll be taking inspiration from twitter, colleagues and various educational blogs, books and websites.  My opinion is that this will be a great (and hopefully easy!) way to try some fantastic new ideas!

So, if you’re up for a challenge then get involved and keep Anne and I updated on your progress!

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3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. srcav says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I will be watching with interest. May even buy the book and begin the challenge myself!

  2. […] of my former colleagues has joined my challenge: you can read about his ideas and evaluations here – and we hereby challenge others to join […]

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